Matt Janaway is the CEO of Marketing Labs an agency focused on everything ecommerce from PPC, SEO, CRO, and consulting.

Why we love it

"❌​​ Not monitoring or analysing data = tricky to optimize campaigns"

More often than not when we're looking at accounts this is the gap.

Even established companies have trouble figuring out which data matters and how to apply it at scale. Even experts in the space often don't fully understand how data plays different roles across an organization.

Great example, most of the time feedback is siloed between marketing and sales in contrast to sharing with customer service.

When you collect the proper data your marketing strategy presents itself.

The trick is to build better systems around the customer journey to encourage people to tell you why they are visiting, signing up, and taking a specific action.

A real quick tear through of these.

Value for audience is based on finding the right audience.

Standing out means just being memorable.

Resource allocation bleeds across the ability to implement strategy.

Business goals alignment should focus on long term growth.

What we'd love to know more about

How do you know if you lack the resources necessary to succeed?

How do you find the partners you need capable of helping you succeed?

What would make data analysis easier for both brands and agencies?