Diraj Perkash Goel is the Managing Director of GetFresh Ventures a venture and growth firm that specializes in building out strategies for companies in the DTC CPG space.

Why we love it

I don’t mean a persona you defined with your brand and marketing teams.

Most personas are birthed from a white board in a room, not from talking to customers.

One question we should all be asking our marketing teams more often "how did we come up with this persona?"

The real power of this post though is this one line:

The customer who thinks the least about whether you are the right choice but is well aware of what you can do for them, is the optimal customer.

When someone is aware of the end result they are looking to experience with your product, doubts and questions tend to fall away.

If something checks the boxes and focuses on something specific that they are looking to solve for, you've found a winner.

Money should never be a deciding factor in someone making a purchase. People that care about how much something costs are customers that you chase v. customers that you cater to as something fits into their lifestyle.

In short, make time to talk to your customers, CEO down to customer service, no one in a company is above helping or talking to a customer.

What we'd love to know more about

How does someone create a program that incorporates more touch points directly talking with customers?

What questions should people ask to maximize the value they get from customers?

Where do you go to find customers that are willing to talk?