George Kapernaros runs an email marketing agency, his company located at his namesake George specializes in creating personalized experiences for subscribers leveraging data.

Why we love it

"Of course, there's comfort in doing what everybody else does. But over time, and especially after IOS15, the ROI will keep migrating up and up the sophistication ladder."

In other words, it's time we put the customer journey first ahead of what's turned into emails with clickbait subject lines, bigger and bigger discounts, fake urgency, and other tactics that have infected the email marketing landscape.

Use email to connect with your audience, to keep them up to date on what's going on in the business, make them feel like they are part of a brand.

There is a huge movement going on behind the scenes with software called the "Build in Public" movement.

Too often as companies we want to appear bigger than we are rather than leveraging what makes us human and fallible. We're humans selling to humans, humans making great products with passion for other humans (in some cases animals, but they don't purchase directly).

And talking about iOS 15 and low-hanging fruit.

There are massive opportunities to personalize the journey based on zero party data from the first email send.

Barely any brands are doing this, and it's an easy way to stand out.

What we'd love to know more about

With the bar so low, why are more agencies and brands not hopping on board the personalization train beyond a first name if someone purchased?