Albert Sungatullin is the CEO of specializing in paid advertising for ecommerce brands.

Why we love it

In recent years, anyone could advertise. All you had to do was launch Facebook Ads and you got sales. Now only really talented marketers will be successful, not MarTech users. Others will have to leave. We're back to the fundamentals of marketing.

This is something we hear a lot of in the market that all of a sudden the fakes and the frauds are going to fall away.

Albert makes mention that ads have always been a science and he's right.

Where things are changing is the barriers to data collection, understanding, and use of outside data sources to drive results were previously reserved for massive companies with large budgets, now those are things that will be available to smaller companies with less barriers to entry for employees to understand.

The transition is happening and advertisers are going to be leaned on more heavily to understand how strategy plays a role in making decision in combination with data.

We're already starting to see the split even just in LinkedIn posts with those that are pushing the envelope of REAL strategy and those that are repeating the same platitudes of past.

What we'd love to know more about

Is the landscape really the same?

With a lot of people with limited experience jumping into things like email and advertising the ability to stand out from a crowd has never been easier what does this look like for those that jump in and are just better than those that came before?

How much will technology play a roll in the ability to built workflows that can almost guarantee success?