Romans Ivanovs knows ads, his company RIU Media specializes in helping ecommerce companies create ad campaigns that perform backed by a data first approach.

Why we love it

This question is floated around a lot on LinkedIn and people's takes are starting to show a pattern.

The move is to take into account the entire customer journey and how multiple touchpoints across that journey play nicely together.

I don't think we would have seen a lot of these conversations before iOS 14.

What we're seeing is historically just ad focused agencies having to expand their services and their understanding of the entire funnel to be aware of how all the pieces fit together.

Still most companies don't invest time in landing pages.

Posts like this highlight the need to hit pause. The vast majority of errors in approach can be drilled down to poor goals and poor alignment between different marketing teams.

What we'd love to know more about

A checklist of what things to check would be great so that we could spot some of the most common things. I'm not talking about an audit as I think they focus on what's there not what should be there, those are different.

The closing statement is really strong - "So instead of inviting another agency to audit your ad accounts, figure out how to audit your entire customer acquisition funnel."

The hardest part of this is that most companies don't know what to look for, so back to some sort of an easy to follow checklist would go a long way or interactive guide.