Chris Walker is the CEO of Refine Labs, his company drives results from a holistic approach to B2B marketing, they are extremely data driven.

Why we love it

We live it.

"It doesn't feel that new to me but to a lot of people it is."

This might as well be a post-it permanently placed on our monitors. There is a lot of misinformation out there in the world. Tons of it is regurgitated over and over ad nauseum and entire marketing blueprints are created around it.

So when people like Chris drop things that just seem to make sense yet run completely contrary to how budgets are currently being spent you should pay attention.

We've been talking a lot about how it's downright foolish to collect and email signup without more data now for the better part of the last 6 months and yet it's still nearly everything out of every marketers mouth right now is "if you're not doing SMS you're missing out and should be."

It's not new to us, but to a lot of people they aren't quite there yet.

The content of this post relates to blended attribution which results in increasing budget around all the currently invested channels, without taking all of them individually to determine which are driving the best quality audience.

This is a mistake that we see in ecommerce on a regular basis, no one knows the quality of their audience, they track useless KPIs to determine if someone is quality and default to, did they convert?

What we'd love to know more about

Why aren't more people onboard with these sorts of marketing strategy changes?

Our methodology is pretty strong, data is clean, usually we see B2B leading the way with acquisition techniques but this might be a case where our little B2C technology could be massively leveraged to open up a better understanding of who is looking to purchase no matter the industry.

We'd like to know more about why the B2B industry hasn't pushed this further around meaningful data collection related to the customer journey instead of company information.