Ivan Dimitrijevic is the director of demand generation at Funky Marketing, he focuses on B2B marketing for companies and branding.

Why we love it

B2C could learn a lot from B2B when it comes to content marketing and branding.

We used to think it worked the other way around, but over the last few years B2B has upped their game dramatically in building communities around products far better than B2C has been able to.

Both have massive marketing budgets, category leaders, etc.

Your brand doesn’t have enough authority to set a higher price.

By boosting the profiles of your team members, you’re actively boosting the authority of your brand name.

When a lot of brands come out in DTC they fall into one of two categories, high end but slightly lower than designer brand pricing or lower quality but better at branding.

It's rare that you find someone that can handle both really really well in today's commoditized market.

When we look at those brands that are doing really well in DTC we see the people behind the brand being leveraged more than the others.

What we'd love to know more about

How can we apply more B2B tactics to B2C and approach?

Should we use content awareness and account based marketing and apply it to personas?

When do B2B and B2C just start completely overlapping?