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Why we love it

We wrote it. But seriously...

This post generated a lot of comments, more comments than reactions.

This was an easy straight forward question that called into question if modern day ecommerce marketers could actually market something from scratch with limited levers to pull.

It was a loaded question that generated a ton of comments from smart people that provided a lot of vague responses. Some responses were detailed but overwhelmingly the number of people the responded didn't have anything novel to pitch other than the usual talking points.

So why do we love it?

The industry is ripe for a new way of thinking.

Whenever everyone starts saying the same things, they don't really have an answer. This is one of those cases, where if you're in marketing right now and you had to launch a brand from scratch most would fail because they only know how to work in their individual area.

What we'd love to know more about

How do we close this gap between vague answers around scarcity, urgency, niche, and provide value as being the default solution?

None of those is a strategy by itself, none of those is the answer by themselves.

And all of the answers required the product already have product market fit and have a brand.

How would people start a brand from scratch successfully today with limited resources?