Amanda Perry is the Founder of SOUP Agency specializing in social ads and email marketing as well as strategy.

Why we love it

This list is amazing. It's short it's sweet, it calls out a lot of things we see across the industry and it highlights one big difference between hacks v. strategy.

"⚡️ Monitoring the wrong metrics in dashboards"

The majority of all of this list relates to how to read and analyze data and trends.

I hate to say it but basically this entire list is comprised of lack of data or knowledge of how to read data which highlights the biggest gap that we see across most marketing departments, there is increasingly large amounts of reliance on creative and campaign building without the basic understanding of what the goals are and what information can be leveraged to understand the proper positioning.

We talk about not putting all our eggs in one basket and diversifying which is great but this is a misuse of a channel.

Paid ads are data mining expeditions, they should inform decisions that go beyond the sale yet unfortunately most of the time, the only goal for ad campaigns is driving revenue.

I'm not saying that paid shouldn't make you money, but it's more beneficial when the revenue you're making also tells you why someone purchased.

What we'd love to know more about

Where is the systemic breakdown that causes these things to be missed?

Reporting is a thorn in the side for a lot of stores, the KPIs are oftentimes outdated.

What's missing from the current solutions to solve for some of these things?