Khalid Saleh is the CEO of Invesp, an experimentation house focused on ecommerce and SaaS companies living and breathing CRO and data.

Why we love it

but it's not really about improving conversions

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization in it's longer form has turned into an industry focused almost entirely on experimentation and optimization.

We love this post though because that creates higher conversion is a better quality audience, what creates a better quality audience is better sources of traffic, what creates the best source of traffic, word of mouth.

Word of mouth comes from a great customer experience.

The side effect of a great customer experience is customers are more likely to come back and purchase more.

A lot of this is product related.

But the best product in the world combined with a bad customer experience is enough for someone to stop buying from a store.

What we'd love to know more about

Are we able to accurately measure the customer experience?

What matters more the customer experience with the product or the shopping experience?