Chris Walker is the CEO of Refine Labs, his company drives results from a holistic approach to B2B marketing.

Why we love it

Companies just love collecting data in the way they’ve been trained since the 2012 demand waterfall & marketing automation era. They don’t actually analyze the data to drive real strategy adjustments.

In ecommerce, we have the same issue where people "think" they are collecting data that is valuable but most of the time.

They limit their data to only include quantitative, automatically collected data that comes from software. Which is totally sub-optimal. There’s tons of other available types of data that would inform better decision making - surveys, customer interviews, social comments/insights, questions on your live show, etc.

This creates a very singular, robotic view of marketing, typically lacking the empathy & understanding for how buyers actually feel and how buyers actually want to buy.

We see this with just about every ecommerce company we talk to, they love their dashboards but hate talking to customers. Love getting 5 star reviews and leveraging them but don't take the time to follow up personally with people that didn't leave a review.

They cherry pick the good reviews without posting the bad ones.

Marketers don't like being wrong and when you pick and choose your numbers, often times you can manipulate a story to avoid that.

What we'd love to know more about

B2B and B2C are rapidly converging and marketing is rapidly converging, what other topics can be discussed or adapted across both disciplines to drive results?

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