Parker Burr does double duty as the Founder of Feat Clothing and Co-Founder of the Taylor Parker Agency specializing in making things go viral on social media.

Why we love it

We think we’re heading into a new wave of micro eCommerce businesses based on data. An email list with zero party data relevant to intent within a category.

This will drive massive partnerships and collaboration between brands and will become a prerequisite for brands looking to be acquired or partner up.

Further, brands that captivate and engage customers and their list like a mini media company will find massive valuations as entertainment continues to increase.

We love this topic, and we've discussed this internally with quite a few people, we see a massive rise in micro brands that can all live under the same roof.

The idea of optimizing processes across all of them is very appealing.

If your brand is existing, switching to more optimized processes will make you even more. The value of a brand will be in the community it brings with them.

PE rollups are about to be the norm for most ecommerce brands.

What we'd love to know more about

As rollups and combos become the norm for portfolio holders, what does the future of brand building look like?

Do we see a transition to build it fast, make it profitable and flip it?

Do we see little pods of companies building amazing things together and more collaboration between brands with similar goals?

Do we see competition change up so much so that lots of companies die out and can't survive alone?