Francesco Lucido does paid advertising focusing on DTC ecommerce, his company Lucido Media focuses on taking brands from 5 figures to 6 figures a month by owning the entire funnel from ads to landing pages backed by data.

Why we love it

It's promotional but we look past that, it highlights a move being made by a lot of agencies recently, a move to full service.

So back in the early days there were full services agencies, then the rise of boutique and single service, we're headed back to the age of full service and fast, because all the parts NEED to work together.

I see this being the only way forward.

This is a great bullet point list of the things that NEED to be done for an ecommerce brand today.

💸 A high-converting landing page built out from scratch
💸 Creatives (videos, graphics, copy) that got one of our clients a 7% click-through rate
💸 Ads on Google, Facebook & TikTok
💸 Email flows and segments that'll add an extra 30% to your MRR

There's a lot of stats in here, methods are great, but execution is always interesting.

What we'd love to know more about

What's the secret sauce?

A lot of agencies promise outsized results we'd like to know how the conversion funnel is optimized, what makes them different from other agencies and whether they are looking to push the needle.