Jakub Szunyogh is the CEO of 10x ROAS a Facebook ad agency focused on driving results for ecommerce companies through data.

Why we love it

"You can't rely on Facebook data anymore."

Marketers have dependent on getting their information directly from Facebook for a long time and most of the decisions made around ads have come from common metrics being tracked with the Facebook eco-system.

The blind leading the blind so to speak, based on assumptions that KPIs made a difference.

The new normal is to connect data from multiple sources.

For ecommerce this usually is as Jakub mentions, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Shopify.

This is a good start, it's the transition that a lot of brands have made there way over to, it's something we noticed internally a while back too.

We think you need a bit more though. We overlook how zero party data can be leveraged in this existing flow to help augment and refine the reporting that we rely on to make budget decisions.

Bringing all these things together allows you to compare on contrast, grabbing the best from all of them and combining them, then adding another data set directly from the customer on top, that's where real business gets done.

What we'd love to know more about

What markers across all of these are current advertisers relying on?

How does this vary by the type of test, the amount of time the test runs for and other elements related to actually putting together a testing strategy?

Tools by themselves don't often tell a story, there's still a lot of interpretation of data that is done and reliance on the fact that it's being done correctly.