Jessie Healy is the founder of Webtopia an ad agency focused on driving results for ecommerce companies.

Why we love it

Not all businesses will succeed.

"If a brand isn't converting sales on their website at a high enough rate or the margins are too low, then even the best advertising in the world will be a gamble at best."

Not all businesses can be helped by marketing. This is even more true when it comes to online ads. This kind of post is refreshing because more people in the agency world and the ecommerce world need to understand that the unit economics have to be available for success to be possible.

It takes more than just ads to build a brand, story, trust, great product, and often overlooked profit margins in the early stages are all super important.

What we'd love to know more about

Ads don't exist on their own. We're seeing the move to full service.

In the comments Jessie mentions that they are expanding their team to make this transition, will be interesting to see how agencies pivot to add services to complete the funnel.

Would love to understand how data plays a role moving forward as competition tightens up.