Tom-James Lee is the CEO of Vagabond Digital a paid social media agency focused on creating outsized results leveraging data.

Why we love it

‘Growth-hack’ tactics don’t work like they used to.

The days of not having a strategy are over.

We're in a new world where the ease of accomplishing things previously has slipped away and changed forever.

Any growth hack can be copied, once it's copied, it loses it's potency.

Facebook isn't just an ad these days.

The ad is the first step in the journey that someone takes that is a combination of micro intent driven pieces.

The click, the non-bounce, the landing page, the offer, the subscription, the conversion.

Facebook isn't the end all be all it once was used for.

What we'd love to know more about

Where's the data collection piece in these fundamentals?

🎯 Accurate targeting
🎯 Eye-catching visuals
🎯 Benefit-driven copy
🎯 Compelling CTAs
🎯 Optimised landing pages