Jessie Healy is the founder of Webtopia an ad agency focused on driving results for ecommerce companies.

Why we love it

We've been on the Blended ROAS train for a while as being a better metric for businesses to track growth by. We actually just released a dashboard dedicated to this.

Attribution is really hard, it's never 100% accurate, and it never will be.

For all the focus on iOS 14 there's been more changes at play in the background for quite some time.

The reason why good agencies are moving towards using this metric to compare week on week or month on month performance, is that the data in Facebook is now factually incomplete.

This is some big picture thinking and we like it.

It's only a matter of time before ad testing elongates itself into longer time frames.

What we'd love to know more about

How to plan the appropriate offset for reporting on Blended ROAS?

Should KPIs for agencies change as we adjust to the new normal of delayed or inaccurate attribution?