Ciaran Finn is the founder of Blue Finn Media an ecommerce ad agency that takes a holistic approach to driving revenue for brands and scaling with process.

Why we love it

KPIs are dead or should be but channel success is important and sales are also important but clean attribution is never really 100% possible.

Yes sales are the north star of the measure of success. But we tend to forget that the most influential part of any sale is actually timing.

Conversions is a metric that is observed over a window of time where people are most likely to convert after taking an intent action on your website or with your ad.

Statistically speaking from that point of intention there are predominantly two paths people take with both of them starting at day 1 and going to day 45.

So, to get an accurate understanding of how good an ad is you’d have to let it run and track results for the following 45 days after paused.

So when we look to see if something is in fact impacting an action, we need to take a long term view of things over a time period to determine if it was indeed successful.

I like the concept but timing plays a very large role in sales, more so than messaging or the actual a lot of the time.

What we'd love to know more about

How does the process of copywriting play into timing a sale?

Is copy alone good enough to cause a sale?