William Harris is the CEO of Elumynt an ad agency focused on driving results for ecommerce companies through data.

Why we love it

"When I feel like our growth has stalled I take a step back and look at a bigger window of time, and I’m always amazed to see just how much we’ve grown in such a short amount of time."

Growth isn't measured in daily successes but in combined efforts that gradually increase. There are things that you can do immediately to help with growth but far more often and more successful companies focus on doing things just a little bit better and optimizing over time.

Most brands run into supply issues when they tend to scale too fast.

What you're building as a business doesn't happen overnight, nor would you want it to happen overnight, controlled sustainable growth is something to be proud of, it's how legacy companies are built.

Day to day little things you can take quick action on, but only if the affect will be able to be built upon.

What we'd love to know more about

How do we work with founders that are always out for a quick win or immediate ROI?

This is something that is common across business, "How quick can we see results?". It's also why paid social advertising has been so strong for so many years. The immediate gratification of spend x to get y in z days appeals to the pleasure center of most companies chasing a dollar at all costs.