Mike Angell is the CEO of Carted, an ecommerce tool that allows you to shop anywhere on the web.

Why we love it

Any metric that you thought was an industry standard, likely no longer applies any more.

Being in ecommerce we love this quote from the post, just because something was done someway doesn't mean it will be the only way forward moving forward.

TikTok came in and took over where Vine left off and hit the timing just right, better algorithms focused on better content delivery has lead to massive growth and quicker growth of audiences in a more organic fashion than existing platforms.

This applies to tools also, we're at an inflection point where the cost of ads is going up, attribution is going down and growth will slow if brands don't get ahead of it with data and strategy.

This leads me to the biggest thing I believe in and that the world is open to digital disruption right now, so stop waiting and redefine what the world considers normal.

Something to take to heart right there. The tools you love right now have a good chance of being upstaged by new ones over the next few years.

The market leaders will fall because innovation is faster than ever.

What we'd love to know more about

As a brand, the tendency is to wait until something becomes a problem before you take action, what makes you hesitant to take action to try something new that can greatly benefit your business?

Much like influencers going to TikTok to experience that organic growth, when is a good time for a brand to see the open field of applying zero party data to ads to create that unfair advantage?