Lorenzo Carreri knows CRO, he's practical in all the right ways; he focuses on understanding the customer journey and leveraging data whenever possible.

Why we love it

Lorenzo is calling out one of the biggest gaps when putting together a campaign.

The standard process is to look at competitors and mimic their ads, audiences, etc.

It's low hanging fruit, but those interests tend to slow down over time and if your ads look like everyone else's you won't stand out.

Customer research is a key skill that PPC and other agency types need to learn.

They need to talk to customers to better understand the reasons for purchasing and the process they took before making that purchase.

In terms of CAC reduction there is definitely room to make smarter decisions when it comes to creating content that resonates with the audience.

There needs to be a larger data component.

What we'd love to know more about

Where can people learn about how to do better market research and talk to people?

How can collecting zero party intent data augment these conversations at scale?