Rory O'Connor is the Creative Director of Kalo Media, they specialize in helping ecommerce companies scale.

Why we love it

"Building value involves telling an engaging story to your customers to help them understand the value you provide."

We talk a lot about pain points with products and there's a lot of people that also talk about Jobs to be Done as a framework (JTBD) to find product market fit and find more customers.

Not everyone buys products for the same reasons, but from a testing framework, we find that ads that follow up on this format tend to do better than those that don't.

Remember the purpose of an ad is to get a click.

As a framework we're always looking for our ad copy to get the viewer to ask "why" or "how" to understand how a product solves for a problem that is placed forward.

What we'd love to know more about

What does testing different problem to solution frameworks look like?

Where should a brand start when they are designing their ads?

Should this replace a benefits focused ad?