Gil David is the founder of Run DMG, his company focuses exclusively on Facebook and Instagram Advertising, he’s all about transparency.

Why we love it

This post is simple - only optimize for purchases.

We actually ran this test with one of our accounts to see if Facebook was being honest with the traffic they were sending, they were. We personally don't bother with any other goal other than purchase either.

So why does this work?

There's only two points of intention on a website that require you to take action, by that I mean actually type something in rather than just click around.

Sign up for a discount and checkout.

So people willing to put in their email are showing a greater sign of intent than those that "add to cart".

What we'd love to know more about

When you shift your approach to optimizing for a sign up and you can add in data, this opens a ton of opportunities to implement strategy to scale accounts intelligently.

We'd like to know more about the path that happens post sign up.

We know what we do because of the data we collect, personalized retargeting, personalized email flows, personalized email campaigns, etc.

But we're always keen to see where the fall off is for people post sign up without the data.