Sina Fak knows conversion rates, his company Conversion Advocates specializes in helping companies increase their conversion rates through a data first approach.

Why we love it

"The first thing I told them was 'your site-wide CVR last month of 4.49% is way too high' because it was driven by 29% returning customers who know, love, and trust their products."

This is something that a lot of brands are guilty of, we love a good high number, and we love talking about how great it is, but the real question is where do the sales come from is it new customers or returning customers.

Returning customers are awesome, but they don't tell you how well your ad campaigns are doing, they don't tell you how well your landing pages are doing, they just don't tell you enough about what the entire customer journey looks like.

So when we choose to focus on singular metrics to determine what steps to take, sometimes we find ourselves in positions where although the data looks good we need to go another step and ask why are we getting the data that we're getting.

A blended ROAS for a month can be greatly impacted by sales and other events that happen externally.

What we'd love to know more about

A lot of what Sina talks about are figures that don't benefit software makers, all platforms love to "embellish" their stats to make everything look rosier than it is.

How do we create a culture of data hungry people that can splice and dice data to more accurately give the business insights into what's working and what's not.

A lot of the time the cause of something is unknown or can't be directly associated.