Monique Mills knows business strategy, her company TPM Focus specializes in helping entrepreneurs and existing businesses to get focused and drive results.

Why we love it

"Startup founders, especially first-time entrepreneurs want to win sooo bad that they often fall prey to those types of promises by people who really don't control that outcome for them."

For a lot of new ventures success depends on their ability to raise money. In ecommerce specifically a lot of companies are bootstrapped but more and more are looking for outside funding to get their venture off the ground.

In most cases this isn't needed. Many companies waste a ton of time and money on things that aren't needed.

We've fallen into this notion that we need to raise money to succeed , and we need to spend a lot of money to grow.

I've personally seen this happen where a consultant or advisor is brought in to help the business raise money when the business isn't in a position to raise money.

The obsession with raising and revenue should be replaced with process driven smart growth.

What we'd love to know more about

What are the top traps that people fall into when seeking out advice?

In our personal experience you're only as good of an advisor as the people on the other end at implementing or buying into your suggestions. A lot of times when we work with clients they have trouble getting out of their own way, they have the answers, but they also have their limitations.

We'd love to learn more about how businesses can spot resource deficiencies quicker to avoid growing pains.