James Kelly is the Founder of Social Enviro a paid media agency focused on Facebook and Google Ads in the ecommerce space.

Why we love it

It's a humble brag and it's missing some info about how much spend was increased, but it's something that we should spend more time talking about.

Small wins are massive wins for business owners.

Most small business owners are struggling to keep everything together a lot of the time and a lot of them don't experience this kind of success with agencies.

The interesting part of this post, is we don't work with James, and we know that James left money on the table.

We ran a similar test with a store that we've been using with Formtoro for a while.

James: £1,400 a month to £10,000 in 4 months just using Facebook Ads

In USD: $1900 a month to $13,600 in 4 months just using Facebook Ads

The Formtoro way is just a slightly more efficient:

  • $700 per month to $18,000 in 4 months just using Facebook Ads

There's no mention of budget on the post and there's only mention of revenue, in the Formtoro example we started with $1500 in budget and required to make enough to expand that not to exceed $4k per month.

(We did this when we were out of stock of our best-sellers too.)

If there was ever a way to illustrate the power of data it's this.

What we'd love to know more about

How much was the budget increased?

What was the ad creative strategy used?

Is this growth sustainable?