Peep Laja is the Founder and CEO of CXL and Wynter, the go to source conversion rate optimization and marketing.

Why we love it

This is the very reason why folks who land on a tactic that works great are not talking about it. As soon as everyone starts doing it, its effectiveness tanks.

Everything in marketing has a shelf life.

Tactics, hacks, and other methods to drive growth are often short-lived, yet they are also heralded as being breakthrough until they aren't.

Spin-to-win anyone?

When we look at marketing tactics that are being outwardly shared to the masses via a course or on social media, are usually played out already.

I'm not sharing my most effective plays with everyone. Neither do people in my close circles.

This is actually really common across most industries, if we know something works, we tend to keep it to ourselves. It doesn't benefit us to share the secrets to why something works.

Even us as a platform know it's not about the platform but how you use and interpret the data it collects. It's the strategy you employ in conjuncture with the data and future content that you create.

Tactics, strategy whatever you want to call it, you can find inspiration in others, but blaze your own trail and test constantly.

What we'd love to know more about

Other than following what others are doing and keeping a close eye, where do we find frameworks to create processes for testing new tactics?