Matt Sherwen is the CEO of Sherwen Studios an agency focused on digital transformation from strategy to implementation with a data and process first approach.

Why we love it

"Stop investing in new tech WITHOUT having a clear strategy in place."

This is the gap ^^

A tool is not a solution without resources that are capable of understanding the strategy and how it plays out.

People expect tools to solve all their problems. They don't.

Consultants that are capable of providing strategy are 100% required for most companies in the early days.

A lot of hype exists in the ecommerce space that glorifies learning the hard way and building in the public about the successes and the failures.

There's a lot of people that have been there done that, more brands should take advantage of that experience.

Strategy is general for the sector then narrowed to the use case for the specific business goals. These topics need more attention.

What we'd love to know more about

How do you evaluate if a company has enough internal resources/information to be strategically inclined where tools can help them?

From talking to a lot of brands, the biggest gap is in the strategy yet asking for help is something not a lot of companies feel comfortable doing.

Why is that?