Jeremiah Prummer is the CEO of Knocommerce, they specialize in post purchase surveys for ecommerce companies and following a data first approach.

Why we love it

This is a great overview that talks about where we are headed from a Data perspective as it relates to ecommerce, it highlights some of the changes happening on a browser level and briefly covers how things are changing with the new iOS changes.

It highlights trends changing across Brave, Safari, and Firefox. The only browser that hasn't stopped tracking yet is Google Chrome.

As we transition to a more privacy focused world, some of the existing tools on the market will cease to function as the will be blocked.

If you're a marketer do yourself a favor and download Brave to get a glimpse of where we're headed. Don't worry it runs off chrome without the tracking.

It's a must watch for anyone that's in marketing and thinking about the future of data and how it will be used across ecommerce.

What we'd love to know more about

Reporting. A lot of the platforms mentioned are all customer facing which is great but marketers want to really dive in and understand what the can do with any data that is collected.

Most of the company blogs etc. focus on the data collection but don't provide any actionable insights of what to do with the data without relying on people with data experience to implement it. This is what we've personally found to be the largest gap in most companies.