Cassidy Shield is the SVP Marketing at Narrative Science and the Leading with Data Podcast Host and does everything with data.

Why we love it

1 - What is the data telling me?
2 - What drove these results?
3 - What will happen in the future?
4 - What, if anything, should I do about it?

All of your questions start with a goal, then the result of the question must answer these four questions above and it's a process that you should go through with all data collection points.

Sign ups on ecommerce websites are prime real estate for collecting data relevant to hypotheses.

What does the sign up tell me about the customer?

How do these data points affect the purchase behavior?

How can we augment this behavior through content?

This is my favorite bit though -

“Tell me what we should do.”
“Just give me the answer.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

There is a big difference between having the data and being able to do something with the data and it requires people to be able to read and understand the data.

What we'd love to know more about

How do we close the gap to help marketers learn, what questions to ask, how to collect, read, and understand the data?

How then do we create frameworks necessary to work with the data?