Rory O'Connor is the Creative Director of Kalo Media, they specialize in helping ecommerce companies scale.

Why we love it

It's really a trick question in that a true plan requires both.

A lot of what Rory is talking about is the difference between having a strategy v. spending money on a lot of ads and optimizing based on the results.

"I see ecommerce brands making the same mistake over and over - not looking at how their ad creatives, targeting, messaging, website and landing pages work together."

This is rampant across the industry, we've conducted our own internal tests and found that only 3% of companies that are running ads effectively use landing pages.

Where as when you look at other industries like SaaS, pretty much all of them use landing pages based on the ad shown. The cost to acquire a customer is more expensive in SaaS but the fundamentals of the journey should be know.

What we'd love to know more about

There's mentions of personas and in the past marketers love to create personas out of thin air and on a white board of course. Most of the time though they don't really match up to actual customers.

Are personas even appropriate to use anymore?

We think the answer is B - customer acquisition strategy but it requires using ads not for conversion but for proving out hypotheses around audiences to find product market fit.