The Formtoro Way

What's our process like?

1) Intro Call

We operate as a managed service.

Which means we’ll be working with you to set you up for success, rather than leaving you to fend for yourself with our tool.

Most people don’t use more than 20% of any software tool, we’re here to help you make the most out of Formtoro.

Is our tool and strategy something that your brand is ready for? We invest substantial time in getting you set up and off on the right path, so every client we take on we view as a long term partner.

2) Signed Contract

The legals, we’ll send you to our order form for you to provide us your details so we can invoice you up front.

This solidifies our relationship and sets us up for getting started. We’ll confirm payment and send over an email confirmation so we can book a kick off call.

3) Background Research

We’ll get started on your website and understand your brand in the background and come prepared to the kick off call, armed with ideas, and questions.

This is where we’ll agree upon the types of questions to be asked, placement on the website, etc.

4) First Drafts Presented

The first drafts will be placed on one of our staging websites, where we’ll provide access for feedback on the look, feel, and content.

This will be your first opportunity to provide feedback on the initial forms.

5) Approval

Once approved, we’ll begin the mapping process between all the systems to ensure everything is set up correctly.

We’ll confirm locations, types of forms, any variations, and work on getting them all created.

6) Connecting/Mapping

We’ll connect up Klaviyo, Shopify, or any other integrations you need as well as invite you to connect your Facebook Ads and Google Ads accounts.

This is also where we’ll help you as needed to ensure you have your Klaviyo email flows set up to incorporate any coupon codes that are delivered via popup.

7) Go Live

We agree on a go live date when everything is likely to be set up and have everything prepared just awaiting the forms to be turned on once the runway is clear from any existing forms.

The whole process takes between 7-14 days.

Any Questions? Contact us