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Formtoro is the ecommerce consultancy combining in-depth Strategy with our Patent-Pending Frictionless Forms™ Technology. Reimagining the possibilities for data-collection via Sign-ups, Quizzes, and Surveys. Your data strategists at the intersection of acquisition, growth, and technology.

A strategy, not just a tool

Create the perfect sign up experience

We work with you to ask the right questions, collect data at the right times,
and help you leverage the data collected using our patent pending technology

Multi-Step Form Builder

Learn more about customers
before they purchase, not after

Collect 38x more data

Go beyond just an email or phone number to understand your visitor’s interests, what they look for in products, and their buying timeline

Our multi-step forms average a 95% completion rate with more than 99% of subscribers providing at least one data point

Data Points
Formtoro Score

Quality website traffic before quantity

Formtoro combines qualitative zero party data with quantitative data from 3rd party platforms to evaluate the quality of your website traffic

Go beyond just conversion metrics to uncover which sources, campaigns, and creative are driving the highest quality traffic

Once dialed in, leverage data to optimize your content driving more qualified traffic

Immediate insights

Data you can use in minutes, not days

Understand which data points and patterns are driving revenue from the first sale

Then personalize your customer journey leveraging zero party data across email, sms, advertising, and website copy

Multi Step Signup form

“Formtoro has changed the way we approach ads. Being able to see data that correlates with conversion but not be tied directly to whether or not someone has converted has allowed us to feel confident in our ability to identify quality ads and audiences in a way that wasn’t possible before“

Romans Ivanovs, Founder @ RIU Media

Turn your sign ups into
a personalization engine

iOS15 privacy changes

Personalization with Privacy

iOS 14 and iOS 15 changes require a new strategy

Zero party data collection unlocks personalized retargeting, intent based lookalike audiences, and when combined with quantitative sales and advertising data, a clear understanding of your marketing efforts

Personal from the first message

Create an instant connection with your subscribers by creating journeys designed using the zero party data they provided during sign up

Klaviyo Email Editor using data points
Facebook Ads retargeting

Personalized retargeting campaigns

Leverage zero party data to create segments in Klaviyo then push to Facebook for retargeting

Customize creatives based on the zero party data your subscribers provided and drive them back to landing pages packed with social proof


“Formtoro allowed us to 17.4x our sales year over year by following a data driven approach. The data we collected influenced our ordering, website copy, emails, and is the backbone of our 3.65x blended ROAS holding through the iOS 14 rollout“

Alex Bortoluzzi, Founder @ Krakatoa Underwear

Designed for ecommerce
Integrated with your technologies

And many more integrations coming soon...

Facebook Ads
Google Ads

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