How much does this service cost?

We charge per data point not including an email or phone number, those are free.

Who do you integrate with?

We have out of the box integrations with Shopify, Klaviyo, Drip and Convertkit. We also integrate with Zapier to make it easy to push your data to multiple places at the same time.

You are not limited to pushing your data to only one place.

What happens when people don’t finish the form?

All the information collected before they dropped off is collected and passed to your integration partner.

What do I do with the data?

Data is a powerful thing and can unlock a lot of different things.

Primarily we see customers using data to create more personalized email flows, higher converting websites, and of course using our reporting to know exactly which ad audiences and content are producing the best customers from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

Will I see a drop off in sign ups when I ask multiple questions?

Conventional wisdom says you would, however in our testing we’ve found that more than 95% of people that start a multiple question sign up finish it.

This also depends on the offer. Most people though don’t mind sharing information that is relevant to their buyer journey as long as it’s not something intrusive like a means of getting in touch with them.

If someone drops off, they are usually not as invested into the current browsing session.

Why is a multi use coupon code better than a single use?

For new customers, trying out a new brand is not a great experience, doubt outweighs excitement.

By using a multi-use coupon code it allows new customers to de-risk their first purchase and have the confidence that they can reuse that same coupon again after they have evaluated the product.

People are more likely to come back and shop places where they have an existing coupon code to use.

This also incentivizes stores to not be reliant on discounts outside of the initial offer.

In fact, we’ve noticed people buying a single unit then returning in less than a week to reuse the same coupon code to make a larger purchase upwards of 10x the value.

What questions should I ask?

We encourage brands to ask between 3-5 questions but we can always A/B test.

Longer forms tend not to perform very well but while you have someone’s attention getting the most information possible is always a good thing.

We follow a pretty simple format, questions about, type of product interest, what matters most to the customer related to that product, how many or often do they currently own, and lastly when are they looking to buy.

This helps us plan a few things, content to show them, features/benefits to highlight, their approximate LTV based on past behaviors, and their timing both for communications and ad retargeting efforts.

Should I be collecting phone numbers?

There’s a lot of attention on collecting both an email and phone number from the start. This approach is pretty direct, but the information doesn’t tell you anything about the customer’s journey which we would argue is a bit more important.

We’re big proponents of collecting ways to contact your customers, but tend to think that a phone number is better suited once someone has already purchased from you. Asking up front has been shown to push some people away.